Lazy Cloud Init

Collection of shell scripts for quickly configuring new virtual machines running a variety of operating systems and Linux distributions. The main goals are to minimize dependencies and initial overhead. LCI currently only requires Bash and cURL and is run with a single command. Available on GitHub.

Challenge: attempt to implement the Raft consensus algorithm in Brainfuck. In order to maintain some sanity, certain helper functions such as network communication, timers, and PRNGs are instead implemented in Python. Code and design documents on GitHub, blog post forthcoming.

Maintenance Only


Written to support student projects in ME 964: High Performance Computing for Applications in Engineering. ParallelUtils.cmake provides a set of macros to ease the configuration of CMake-based C++ projects utilizing CUDA, MPI, and OpenMP. Available on GitHub.



Written in conjunction with CS 838: Advanced Modeling and Simulation. This provides a CMake-based build system for PhysBAM, a multiphysics simulation library from Stanford. Development has been resumed by Hammad Mazhar and is available on GitHub.


Final project for NE 408: Ionizing Radiation. MC-Awesome was a parallel framework for simulating particle transport through media via Monte Carlo methods, similar to MCNP. The code utilized the Thrust library, allowing computations to be performed on both CPUs and CUDA-based GPUs. The final simulation utilized 1024 CPU cores and 2 TB of RAM.